Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ARTastic - Dec 2011, "A very family Christmas"

ARTastic's challenge this month was from the painting 'A blessing of Christmas', by Tom Kinkade. The additional criteria required was to have the word 'christmas', a snowman and a christmas tree. (My Christmas Tree is the letter "i" in Christmas.

Red Earth Scrapping A-Z competition: the final installment

OK here are my last few challenges for the RES A-Z comp. Thank you to Helen and her DT for a fun, and very clever set of challenges. Looking forward to what they put together for 2012.

Why no visit at http://www.redearthscrapping.com.au/ and join in the fun.

T is for Tradition
In our house it is becoming a tradition to make pancakes for brunch after everyone has had a sleep in.
This year they were buttermilk pancakes with marscapone and blueberries.

U is for UnChristmas
Here is my non-Christmas layout (that also has the letter 'U' in the title)

V is for Vintage (and some vintage tags)

W is for Wrapping Paper
and a shared story about what we use (last year's leftovers)

X is for X-Mas Eve Traditions

Y is for YOU and your family


If you made it this far....Happy New Year everyone.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stuck!?Sketches Dec 1 "He's 100% Kid

We're already into December - how did that happen?
Here is my entry for the first sketch from Stuck!?Sketches.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Earth Scrapping A-Z Christmas Challenge

It's still happening and I'm still up to date
Here is L which I missed in my last post:

L is for LIGHTS

Q is for QUICK and EASYHere are some ideas for quick and easy little presents
(I also had some snowman poop but the pic is rotated for some reason).

R is for READING
What are you reading this Chistmas/ summer?.

Share a shopping story/ Christmas shopping advice

T is for "what's on Tomorrow"?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Earth Scrapping Dec A-Z

The challenges continue over at Red Earth Scrapping. With a new challenge each day, linked to a letter of the alphabet, here are my next installments:

H is for HOME MADE (truffles that is)

I is for "I'm dreaming of a ................"
What are you dreaming of?


K is for Kisses

L is for lights
(I'm still working on this one!!!)

M is for Merry Christmas Messages
(What do you write in your Christmas Cards?)

N is for Naughty or Nice

O is for Ornaments

P is for Paper Presents
(and a story about my secret Kris Kringle for my 2 bestie scrappy friends)

I wonder what Q will bring?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Screen to Scrap - Dec challenge - One excited Santa

Every Christmas, one of the grandchildren got to play Santa. This was Aidan's first year and he was soooo excited. In this picture is my mothers dolls house, that she did up in a Christmas theme to act as her 'Christmas Tree'.  Check out the cute little reindeer in the bottom right hand side.

The additional criteria this month was to have a Christmas Hat/s, a 2 colored title and white cardstock.

Crafty Sketches - Dec challenge - 'tis the Season

......... to be SILLY. This months sketch lends itself to a Christmas Photo. So it's back to 1996 and a pair of monkeys that loved to dress up.

RES A-Z of Christmas

Over at RED EARTH SCRAPPING ( http://www.redearthscrapping.com.au/) there is a neat little competition running over December. For each day there is a letter and a challenge attached to that letter. Here is some of my creations to date:

A is for AMERICA

B is for BOXES


D is for DECORATE something

E is for share something EXCITING

F is for share some FAMILY FUN traditions

G is for GREEN

I'll share some more as the month rolls on......