Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crafty Sketches Jan 2012 - SSSSnake

I had to do a layout about this and tell the world my Christmas Day story, when we found a 1.5m brown snake tangled in my vegie garden netting. I'd actually walked past it (in thongs and after a few Christmas drinks) and started to pull up the netting when I spotted him. Needless to say he is now in snake heaven (or rather parts of him have arrived in snake heaven). The sketch for Crafty Sketches this month was perfect with using multiple photos. Its a little bit different, but it's part of my story. Yes "There's was a sssssnake in my (vegie) garden"


  1. Ohhhhh, that is soooo scary. I hate snakes! Fun story though. Love the design and the lovely product you used. It came together nicely.

  2. Such an awesome LO! Anything bigger than a card and I get spooked.. I would love to be able to create something as detailed as this! (great photos too, snakes aren't my fave creatures, especially brown ones).

  3. Oh dear!!! I think I am very glad he was stuck in the netting so he couldn't get away! What an interesting Christmas lunch guest to have! (Hope he doesn't have any mates waiting to pop out and say hello next time I am up your way!)
    Love the way you have extended the title with the stammering sssss!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Crafty Sketches!

  4. yuk !!!! I HATE snakes!!! so pleased you sent it on it's way ... LOL ... another great take on the sketch Jen .. thanks for playing along .. cheers Annette X:)